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Editorial Snapshot: University of California reaches open access agreement with Elsevier

- G.A., Senior Editor

As a major university system that includes ten separate campuses, the University of California is responsible for approximately 10 percent of the entire academic publishing output of the United States. Despite the high profile that comes with such output, the University of California has taken a leadership role in the push for increased open access, frequently citing the growing cost of journal subscriptions as a major problem for institutions and researchers.

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Science News: New effort to clean up space debris

– G.A., Senior Editor

Modern technology relies heavily on the amazing capabilities of the thousands of satellites that orbit Earth. However, in addition to being aware of the growing number of communications and research satellites in use, it is important to remember that damaged or obsolete equipment often remains in orbit.

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Editorial Snapshot: A question of similarity. How much is too much?

- A.P., Editor

If you have ever submitted a manuscript to an academic journal for publication, there is a chance your submission was screened for possible plagiarism. Many academic journals use a screening service, such as Similarity Check, powered by iThenticate, to detect the amount of similar text between submitted manuscripts and published articles. One question that many authors have is how much similarity is too much. Another is whether there is a cut-off level of similarity that authors should strive to be under.

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Science News: Potential IPO raises concerns about the use of genetic data

– G.A., Senior Editor

Founded in 2006, 23andMe is a pioneer in direct-to-consumer genetic testing. By submitting a saliva sample, customers are able to determine their genetic ancestry, what traits they are predisposed to, and even whether they have inherited DNA from Neanderthal ancestors.

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