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Information about our academic paper editing and manuscript services is presented here. We explain who handles your work, how we handle your work as well as payment and other particulars. Our core services are grouped into categories that encompass all phases of the submission process. In addition to providing professional editing by experts, we ensure your manuscript conforms to Instructions to Authors prior to submission. We also guide you through the difficult and challenging process of Online Submission. We are available to support you in the post-submission stage by assisting with revised paper editing and response to reviewers. We can even deal with journal editors on your behalf.

To inquire about pricing for all other services, telephone us at 03-3353-3545 or request an estimate.


Our bilingual coordinators are available to discuss your needs in Japanese or English and will ensure the smooth handling of your work. Our standards are the highest in the industry, and our professional, native-speaker rewriters and translators have years of industry experience. Many are PhDs, MDs or certified/licensed professionals, and many are also published authors, meaning you can be confident your manuscript will be translated or rewritten not only by a subject-area specialist but also by someone skilled in writing science communications. Moreover, our extensive network, spanning multiple time zones, enables us to accommodate requests for "rush" work. Finally, all members of our team are bound by robust confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.


Receiving Your Work

We accept delivery of original documents via our online request form, email (up to 5 MB) or FTP. Supported file formats include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • TEX
  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • CSV(Comma Separated Values)
  • Plain Text
  • Adobe (PDF)
  • Images (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF, BMP, EMF)
  • Compressed Files (ZIP, LHA, BinHex, Stuffit)

Requesting an estimate / Placing an order

You can request a free estimate and place an order in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - SEND

Estimate Request Form.

Step 2 - GET

Quotation and Delivery Date

Step 3 - SEND

Approval and Make Payment

Step 4 - GET

Recieve Confirmation

Request a Free Quote


If you have specific job instructions, please tell us when requesting the estimate and we will do our very best to meet your needs. The more we know about your requirements, the better we can serve you.

Confirmation of Order

You will receive written confirmation after we receive your order form.

Note: We will begin your job only after we have received a completed order form. If there is a delay in returning your order form, we may not be able to meet the deadline originally quoted.


Deadlines are determined based on the nature and size of the job and your specific needs. Refer to the workflow examples below for details.

We normally deliver work on a best-efforts basis around 18:00 on the agreed delivery date. In rare cases, if the job requires more work than initially expected, delivery may occur after 18:00. If you did not specify the time of delivery when requesting an estimate or ordering but suddenly require earlier delivery, please inform us immediately. Although we cannot guarantee expedited delivery, we will do our very best to deliver the job earlier than originally agreed.

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Business hours: Mon. - Fri., 09:00 - 18:00