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  • My work is highly specialized. What background does the translator or rewriter have? +

    Forte’s translators and native-English speaking rewriters all have strong backgrounds in science or are professionals with many years of experience in their respective industries or fields. Many are PhDs, MDs or certified/licensed professionals, and some serve as journal reviewers. Many of our rewriters are also published authors, so you can be confident your paper will be rewritten not only by a specialist in your subject area but also by a rewriter skilled in science communications. All our translators and rewriters have superior written communication skills and all have undergone a rigorous selection procedure followed by extensive training that ensures your translation or rewritten manuscript will meet your needs. When requesting an estimate, please feel free to state your needs with respect to the background of the translator or rewriter who will work on your manuscript and we will make every effort to assign the best-matched staff to your work.
  • How can I send my manuscript and related files to you? +

    We accept delivery of original documents via our online web submission form, email (up to 5 MB) or FTP. Supported file formats include:

    • Microsoft Word 97-2000
    • Microsoft Excel 97-2000
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2000
    • TEX
    • Rich Text (RTF)
    • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
    • Plain Text
    • Acrobat (PDF)
    • Images (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF, BMP, EMF)
    • Compressed Files (ZIP, LHA, BinHex, Stuffit)

    When requesting an estimate, please attach all related files—whether for editing or reference only—as this will help us prepare a more accurate estimate.

    Via Fax
    Fax to our Academic Papers Division: 03-3354-3845.
    Fax to our Corporate Division: 03-3354-9730.
    Please use 12-point text, double-spaced, with adequate top, side, and bottom margins to allow sufficient space for handwritten editorial corrections to be made.
    Via mail
    Mail to K.K.Forte, Axis Bldg 5F, 2-8-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
    Please use 12-point text, double-spaced, with adequate top, side, and bottom margins to allow sufficient space for handwritten editorial corrections to be made.

    NOTE: If you would like your job to be handled in a particular way or if you have a specific request concerning the deadline or time of delivery, please inform us at the time you request the estimate.

  • How do you handle a “revised” paper, namely one that has already been peer reviewed and now requires revision before being resubmitted to the journal? +

    We handle Revised Papers in two ways:

    • When the paper was previously translated or rewritten by Forte
    Working in the final file sent to you by Forte upon completion of the previous version, you should underline or highlight all changes made to the text in response to the reviewer’s comments. Underlining helps us to lower the fee when rewriting a revised manuscript because checking text already rewritten by Forte in a previous version is significantly cheaper than treating the revised manuscript as entirely new text. If you do not underline revisions and changes then a higher price might be charged because we will have to treat the entire document as new text requiring rewriting.

    •When the paper was not previously worked on by Forte
    When the revised manuscript was not previously translated or rewritten by Forte, all text is treated as “new” and the entire manuscript will be rewritten.

    In addition, we handle the following related files and documents:

    • Translation or rewriting your letter “Response to the Reviewer”. This letter answers questions posed by the reviewer and describes changes you made to the manuscript in response to the reviewers’ comments.

    • Checking Reviewer’s Comments. This very popular optional service maximizes the chances your paper will be accepted upon resubmission. Send us the reviewer’s comments and we will confirm that you have addressed each point satisfactorily and inform you if you have not.

  • How can I pay? Can you issue a receipt? +

    FORTE accepts payment in Japanese Yen (JPY) by either of the following methods:

    • Wire transfer to any of our Japanese bank accounts

    • PayPal

    For further details, or if you have any questions about payment, please contact our accounting section at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Can I ask the rewriter a question about word choice, expressions or meaning after I receive the rewritten manuscript? +

    Yes, you may ask the rewriter a question about word choice, expressions, or meaning. Please be sure to write your questions and/or comments in English and we will pass them immediately to the rewriter. Usually the rewriter will answer questions or provide advice about wording during the Proof Check stage; however, we may be able to answer a quick question without the need for a proof check.

  • Can you issue a letter stating that a native-speaker has rewritten my manuscript? +

    Yes, we can provide a “native check” letter with the first delivery of your edited file(s). Please see Native Check Letter Issuance for further details.

  • My manuscript is written using LaTeX. Can you rewrite .TEX files? +

    Yes, we can handle .TEX files and will provide you with a .TEX file containing our editorial changes, thus saving you valuable time in the manuscript preparation process. Please send us two files – the TEX file for rewriting and a PDF file of the printed version of your manuscript showing formatted text (for reference by the rewriter).

  • What time can you deliver my job? Can I receive it before noon? +

    If you do not specify a time for delivery when requesting an estimate, then we will normally make a best-effort to deliver the job by around 18:00 JST on the day of the agreed deadline. In rare cases, if the job requires more work than initially expected, delivery may occur after 18:00 JST.

    • Please inform your coordinator when requesting an estimate if you wish to receive your paper earlier than 18:00 JST—and especially if you need to receive delivery before noon.

    • If you have not specified a time for delivery when requesting an estimate or ordering but suddenly require earlier delivery, please inform us immediately. Although we cannot guarantee to meet your accelerated delivery deadline, we will do our very best to deliver the job earlier than originally agreed.

  • Do you have RUSH service? How fast can you complete a job? +

    Yes, we offer RUSH service and often can complete jobs within the same day (depending on the availability of specialist translators and rewriters).

    • Please send us your manuscript immediately and then follow-up with a phone call
    • Be sure to state in your message (i) the request for an estimate is URGENT, (ii) the required delivery time and (iii) your contact information. We also recommend that you call us at 03-3353-3545 to confirm we have received your manuscript and are proceeding with making the estimate.

  • Do you ensure strict confidentiality? +

    All our staff—regular fulltime employees and freelance specialist rewriters and translators—are keenly aware of the importance of confidentiality, and all are under robust confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements. If you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are ready to execute a confidentiality agreement directly with you, if you so desire.

  • Roughly how much will it cost to rewrite my manuscript?


    The cost of editing a research paper is 12.5 JPY/word (with a minimum charge of 7500 JPY). Editing of up to 10 figures is 2,500 JPY and editing of up to 10 tables is 2,500 JPY. To receive our free estimate, please send your manuscript together with any special instructions.

    For general information about pricing, please see Pricing on our service information page.

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