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Science News: “Sippy Chickens” Inspire New Electricity Generator

– A.P., Editor

Researchers have created a special device that generates electricity using water evaporation, inspired by the famous drinking bird toy. This invention can power small electronics and lasts for days with just a little water.

The scientists, from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, came up with this idea after studying how the drinking bird toy works. They found a way to turn the toy's motion into electricity to charge devices like phones or calculators.

The drinking bird toy, known for its dipping motion, works by using water evaporation. When one side of the bird's head gets wet, it causes a liquid inside to move, making the bird dip forward. The researchers adapted this concept to create their electricity generator.

To make their device, they used tiny materials that collect energy from movement, a form of energy harvesting. They placed these materials on both sides of a specially made bird engine. This engine mimics the action of the drinking bird toy but turns the movement into electricity. The researchers tested their invention with different electronics like displays and sensors. They even found a way to reduce friction, which had been slowing down the generator's movement.

In the future, the researchers plan to improve the design of the bird to make it even more efficient at turning water evaporation into electricity. They hope their invention could one day be used in everyday life to power small gadgets.

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