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Editorial Snapshot: Decline in scientific innovation: Cause for concern, or a path toward change?

- C.C., Editor

In January of 2023, a study was published in Nature which has generated a significant amount of discussion. Against the background of perceived exponential progress in innovation and technological progress, the authors analyzed 45 million papers over six decades of research across multiple fields of study and quantified their “disruptiveness”.

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Science News: Rules for navigating through large crowds

– K.J., Editor

Transport hubs, large shopping centers, and holiday events all have one thing in common: large crowds. Moving in an overcrowded, loud space can be anxiety-inducing and feel strange, especially if you have to move against the flow of foot traffic.

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Editorial Snapshot: ChatGPT-PartII: Impacts and outlooks for the future

- C.C., Editor

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the capabilities of ChatGPT and demonstrated an example of its output. Now, several months since its public release late last year, we will delve into the excitement surrounding its applications and problems that have been identified with its use, and how it or its future iterations could change the future for all of us.

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Science News: How big of a risk are ultra-processed foods to our health?

– K.J., Senior Editor

The impact of diet on quality of life has been a major public health concern not only in Japan but in the global community. Thus, extensive research is being conducted to evaluate how the type and quantity of foods we eat impact our health. Let’s look at a specific subset of foods that have become more prevalent in our diet: ultra-processed foods.

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