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Editorial Snapshot: Mastering nuance in science writing: Unlocking the language puzzle

- A.P., Editor

Nuance refers to the subtle distinctions and intricate details that enrich our expressions, and it plays a crucial role in effective communication. Nowhere is nuance more critical than in the realm of science writing, where precision and accuracy are paramount. However, the delicate balance between accessibility and scientific rigor can be disrupted by poor language choices, leading to misinterpretation. Fortunately, there are strategies to overcome these pitfalls and enhance understanding for both native and non-native English speakers.

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Editorial Snapshot: Greed of open access journal prompts walkout

- G.A., Senior Editor

The journal NeuroImage published by Elsevier has been hit by a mass walkout in protest of what has been described as "unethical" open access fees. The entire editorial board of the journal resigned due to concerns about the publisher's high open access fees, which limit the sharing of research to only those who can afford to pay.

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Science News: Can mice help the inebriated sober up faster?

– K.J., Editor

Alcohol induces a sense of relaxation in many vertebrates including humans and has been widely used by people to relax and lower their inhibitions to have fun. However, this care-free attitude can lead to trouble. Acute alcohol poisoning is an ever-present risk of excessive alcohol consumption, so moderate drinking has been advised by the Brewers Association of Japan as a safe way for adults, particularly young adults, to consume alcoholic beverages safely.

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