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Editorial Snapshot: Audio and visual content enhance research discoverability

- A.P., Editor

Scientific publishing is ever evolving as authors and publishers alike seek new and innovative ways to engage with readers and disseminate research results to broader audiences. Discoverability is the key to reaching that audience, and the digital era has brought with it chances to go beyond traditional print media and explore the use of audio and visual content. Advances in the way research is presented, such as visual abstracts and video abstracts, are making research more discoverable and fostering greater opportunities for scholarly communication.

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Science News: Solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and the risk to modern space and surface infrastructure

– C.C., Editor

It was recently reported that 40 SpaceX Starlink Internet satellites were lost, the cause of which was a geomagnetic storm resulting from solar wind interacting with the Earth’s magnetosphere. While this loss constitutes a minor setback for the planned Starlink network, it is also indicative of a greater risk posed to modern infrastructure by solar activity.

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Editorial Snapshot: Attempt to estimate the cost of peer review

- G.A., Senior Editor

Although it is an intimidating process for authors who write and submit manuscripts to academic journals, peer review is an essential component of the modern scientific method. While far from a perfect system, peer review acts as a filter on the knowledge that ends up in the body of literature in a given field and reviewer input helps to improve the overall quality of studies published in specific journals. However, as peer review is generally an anonymous process, the scale of the work done by peer reviewers has remained somewhat hidden.

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Science News: Animal extinction putting pressure on plant species

– G.A., Senior Editor

Every year, lists of species that have been declared extinct are published in the popular media. As a result, there is a general awareness of the large number of species that have been lost in recent years. Unfortunately, growing awareness does not seem to be contributing to effective countermeasures as the rate of extinction is actually accelerating.

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