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Editorial Snapshot: Attempt to estimate the cost of peer review

- G.A., Senior Editor

Although it is an intimidating process for authors who write and submit manuscripts to academic journals, peer review is an essential component of the modern scientific method. While far from a perfect system, peer review acts as a filter on the knowledge that ends up in the body of literature in a given field and reviewer input helps to improve the overall quality of studies published in specific journals. However, as peer review is generally an anonymous process, the scale of the work done by peer reviewers has remained somewhat hidden.

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Science News: Animal extinction putting pressure on plant species

– G.A., Senior Editor

Every year, lists of species that have been declared extinct are published in the popular media. As a result, there is a general awareness of the large number of species that have been lost in recent years. Unfortunately, growing awareness does not seem to be contributing to effective countermeasures as the rate of extinction is actually accelerating.

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Editorial Snapshot: Publishers agree to increase equality

- G.A., Senior Editor

Although scientists work diligently to conduct research that accurately reflects natural phenomena, society is becoming increasingly aware of certain biases that can exert an influence on individuals and even social institutions. Consequently, attention is turning to ways in which the worlds of academic research and academic publishing may not be living up to the ideal of equality.

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Science News: First observation of a new state of matter: time crystals

– A.S., Editor

The successful observation of a time crystal using Google’s quantum computing hardware has recently been reported. Time crystals, first proposed in 2012, are delicate quantum systems that have structures whose lowest-energy states are periodic in both time and space. The name comes from the analogy to a physical crystal, such as a diamond, which has atoms that are arranged periodically in space.

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