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Editorial Snapshot: How COVID-19 has affected gender disparity in academia

- A.S., Editor

Disruptions in regular work are one of the challenges faced by society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In academic publishing, however, there has been an increase in productivity. The jump in the number of manuscript submissions compared to previous years was most noticeable in the field of medicine and life sciences, which are most closely tied to the topic of COVID-19 itself, but a general rise was also seen across all scientific disciplines, indicating a clear trend towards increased work output.

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Science News: African elephants evolving due to pressure from poachers

– G.A., Senior Editor

Although evolution is generally considered to be a process that can only be observed over extremely long time scales, it is sometimes possible to catch a glimpse of evolution at work today. Famously, naturalists in the United Kingdom were able to observe the evolution of darker coloration in the peppered moth during the Industrial Revolution. The burning of massive quantities of coal released ash and soot, which remained in the atmosphere and settled onto surfaces like trees. Consequently, darker-colored moths became less conspicuous to predators and had better success passing their genes onto later generations.

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Editorial Snapshot: Ensuring authors get credit even if they change names

- G.A., Senior Editor

To ensure that authors receive the credit they deserve for their contributions to the published literature in their respective fields, so-called “attribution identifiers” such as ORCiD and the “ResearcherID” from the Web of Science Group have been developed. These identifiers assign authors dedicated numbers that can be linked to publications to prevent confusion between researchers with similar or identical names. However, authors who change their given names still face challenges when trying to ensure that their correct names are listed in their publications.

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Science News: Growing awareness of a gap in funding for climate research

– G.A., Senior Editor

Growing awareness of the tremendous threat climate change poses to not only humans, but also countless other species on our planet, has resulted in an increasing volume of research funds being channeled to climate-related research. From renewable energy sources to strengthening the resilience of staple crops, humans are investigating new and exciting ways to adapt to a hotter planet.

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