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Editorial Snapshot: Major European funders call for publishers to respect researchers’ rights

- G.A., Senior Editor

As open access publishing continues to expand due to the increasing momentum of Plan S, the attention of some research funding agencies is beginning to shift from the benefits of open access for readers to the benefits for the authors themselves.

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Science News: Granting the right to own property to wildlife

– G.A., Senior Editor

While modern capitalism’s focus on owning and controlling natural resources has been seen as overwhelmingly damaging to the other species we share our planet with, Karen Bradshaw, a professor at Arizona State University, has written a book in which she proposes that the same capitalistic focus be used on behalf of wildlife to protect specific habitats and biodiversity in general.

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Editorial Snapshot: Do review papers reduce citations of original research?

- A.S., Editor

Review papers, which do not report original research but summarize important and recent results in a field, are generally known to play a useful curatorial role in research. It is also widely felt that review papers are more frequently cited than original papers, and studies have been conducted to quantify this phenomenon. Previously, it was reported that, across 35 scientific disciplines, review papers are cited three times more on average than original papers. More recently, a paper published in American Sociological Review aimed to investigate the connections between review papers and “scholarly attention” across a greater number of research areas, including the social sciences.

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