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Editorial Snapshot: New pricing model for open access publishing

- G.A., Senior Editor

One of the largest non-profit and open access publishers of academic research, PLOS, is a pioneer in open access publishing and the creator of the online open access mega-journal PLOS ONE. Thanks to the efforts of PLOS, today’s researchers are familiar with the process of publishing via open access journals and have had the opportunity to read countless manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and published.

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Editorial Snapshot: Howard Hughes Medical Institute to require open access

- G.A., Senior Editor

The expansion of open access is not only being advanced by authors and readers, major research funding agencies are also playing a large role in the growth of open access publications. Recently, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute made a major announcement that will influence where scientists submit their research for publication and how academic journals handle accepted manuscripts.

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Science News: Confirmation of the Mpemba effect

– G.A., Senior Editor

It has been observed by many people that hot water appears to freeze faster than cold water. Many videos of citizen scientists testing this hypothesis can be found on YouTube, especially in areas experiencing colder than usual temperatures.

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