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Editorial Snapshot: Academic Publishers Supporting the Battle Against COVID-19

- A.P., Editor

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 is an urgent health emergency that will require a global response. In light of this, researchers, journals, and other organizations have been called upon to ensure rapid and open access to information and data relevant to the outbreak. By committing to this partnership, organizations can ensure the response to this public health crisis is backed by the research evidence and data it needs.

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Editorial Snapshot: Author contributions and biased perceptions

- G.A., Senior Editor

The order of author names listed on the title page of a published manuscript still plays an important role in modern academia. It is generally understood that author names are listed in descending order of contribution to the work. Although this has long been the case, like other traditions, it is important to consider how it functions today.

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Science News: An evolutionary theory proved correct after 161 years

– G.A., Senior Editor

In the 161 years since Charles Darwin published the first edition of his seminal “On the Origin of Species”, it has proven to be one of the most important scientific books ever written. As a testament to its significance in our modern understanding of biology, it is still providing valuable insights today.

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