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Editorial Snapshot: Countdown to Plan S

– G.A., Senior Editor

Although we have only just entered 2019, scientists throughout Europe and publishers of academic journals around the world are already thinking ahead to January 1, 2020. A coalition of research funders in Europe has set that date as the start of an initiative that will place strict limitations on where the research they fund can be published.

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Science News: 4th International Day of Women and Girls in Science

– G.A., Senior Editor

In only a few days, the world will celebrate the 4th International Day of Women and Girls in Science. According to the United Nations, February 11, 2019 is recognized as a day to celebrate advances in science made by women and the importance of gender equality in achieving development goals.

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Science News: New research suggests all infectious diseases may have seasonality

– A.S., Editor

The seasonality of many infectious diseases is well recognized. Influenza occurs at the highest rates during winter in temperate climates, and dengue fever occurs during the rainy season in tropical climates.

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