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Editorial Snapshot: Perspectives on data sharing in Japan

- A.P., Editor

Japan is striving to be a global leader in scientific research and development (R&D), and currently ranks among the top five countries in terms of spending on R&D and research output. One of the aspects to strengthening research efforts is data sharing, which can promote synergy and collaboration and improve decision-making. But what do researchers in Japan have to say about data sharing?

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Science News: Helping wild animals move around Los Angeles County

– G.A., Senior Editor

While freeways and highways help humans travel from place to place quickly and comfortably, they act as barriers that limit or completely prevent the movement of wild animals that live in their surroundings. Los Angeles County, with its extensive network of freeways, bridges, and overpasses, is known worldwide for traffic congestion. However, a proposed wildlife crossing could provide support for wild animals that reside in Los Angeles County.

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Editorial Snapshot: Launch of Plan S delayed

- G.A., Senior Editor

As discussed in an Editorial Snapshot published in January, January 1, 2020 had been set as the start date for the Plan S initiative. Established by major funding agencies for research in Europe, Plan S aims to limit where researchers can publish their research if it is funded by public grants.

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Science News: Britain’s shift to clean power

– G.A., Senior Editor

As the home of the world’s first coal-fired power station, Britain has long been one of the world’s major consumers of fossil fuels. However, in the face of growing alarm about the state of the Earth’s climate, Britain has made strides to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and these efforts are making a measurable difference.

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