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Editorial Snapshot: ResearchGate Partners with Springer Nature

- G.A., Senior Editor

The growth of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, demonstrates that forging and creating connections is important to people. While some have criticized social media as a potential threat to privacy and even as a frivolous waste of time, some scientists have embraced the power of social connections within the scientific community.

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Science News: Human Benefits of Ecological Conservation

– G.A., Senior Editor

One of the simplest ways that humans can interact directly with wildlife is by feeding the birds that are found in cities and towns. Bird feeding is a popular activity at homes around the world and is known to contribute to the survival of birds in winter and improve the overall health of individuals from vulnerable species.

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Science News: A look back at Opportunity

– G.A., Senior Editor

Humanity’s desire to explore the solar system highlights the incredible fragility of the human body and the difficulty of sending humans great distances from Earth and returning them home safely. Therefore, space agencies like NASA and JAXA have relied on unmanned spacecraft and rovers to collect valuable data from incredible distances and beam it back to earth. One of the most cherished rovers was the Mars rover, Opportunity.

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