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Editorial Snapshot: Academic Publishers Supporting the Battle Against COVID-19

- A.P., Editor

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 is an urgent health emergency that will require a global response. In light of this, researchers, journals, and other organizations have been called upon to ensure rapid and open access to information and data relevant to the outbreak. By committing to this partnership, organizations can ensure the response to this public health crisis is backed by the research evidence and data it needs.

Answering this call is STM, the leading global trade association for academic and professional publishers. Their resource page contains links to a number of resource hubs and freely available articles related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Among the academic publishers joining the efforts to support research, higher education, and health communities in the fight against COVID-19 is Elsevier. Their Novel Coronavirus Information Center provides continually updated resources, including the latest early-stage and peer-reviewed research on COVID-19. The Center also includes valuable guidelines for clinicians and patients.

Wiley has also opened up access to a number of resources to help with efforts to diagnose, treat, and prevent COVID-19. The publisher also provides links to a special collection of preprints on Authorea and COVID-19 research and news on Scitrus.

Springer Nature is also working with global organizations to make the relevant research and data available, and is encouraging authors to share their datasets related to the outbreak. Their collection of featured research, reviews and comments, books and chapters, and trials provides easy access to important COVID-19 content.

A coordinated effort on all fronts will be necessary to manage and contain the novel coronavirus, and the publishing community is committed to making the necessary clinical and epidemiological information and research available.

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