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Science News: An evolutionary theory proved correct after 161 years

– G.A., Senior Editor

In the 161 years since Charles Darwin published the first edition of his seminal “On the Origin of Species”, it has proven to be one of the most important scientific books ever written. As a testament to its significance in our modern understanding of biology, it is still providing valuable insights today.

In a manuscript recently published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, researchers at the University of Cambridge presented a synthesis of data collected by naturalists over hundreds of years. Their analysis demonstrates that subspecies play a critical role in the evolution of species over time.

According to Darwin’s hypothesis, lineages of organisms that are rich with species should also be rich with subspecies. Although this has been observed in birds, the evidence for its applicability to mammals had remained weak. However, the findings of this research emphasize the importance of subspecies of mammals and suggest that analyzing populations of subspecies could help conservationists protect important species from becoming endangered or extinct.

While some people continue to cling to the belief that species are immutable and evolution has not shaped every living creature on our planet, modern scientists continue to rely on the observations and hypotheses proposed by Charles Darwin to enhance our understanding of our physical world. It is a credit to Darwin’s incredible insight that his ideas continue to advance science 140 years since his death.

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