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Editorial Snapshot: Avoiding potential delays in peer review and publication (Part 1)

– A.P., Editor

Once you’ve submitted your manuscript, the Editor or Associate Editor is tasked with finding a sufficient number of competent reviewers. However, finding enough willing reviewers is not always easy, and can lead to substantial delays in the peer review process, and ultimately publication if your article is accepted.

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Science News: WHO reports on universal health coverage

– G.A., Senior Editor

In December 2017, the World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) released a joint report on the status of healthcare coverage around the world. Released to coincide with the Universal Health Coverage Forum held in Tokyo, the report presents the most recent data on 16 essential items that are considered to be indicators of the level of health services in a given country.

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Editorial Snapshot: Online tools identify statistical and genetic mistakes in published manuscripts

– G.A., Senior Editor

Peer review is a fundamental part of the scientific process. One goal of peer review is to identify flawed or unethical research before it enters the body of literature. However, as peer reviewers are only human, it remains possible for subtle, but major, problems to be overlooked in manuscripts that are published in even the most prestigious journals.

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Science News: Extinct insect confirmed to be still living in Australia

– G.A., Senior Editor

Given the intense pressure that climate change is placing on vulnerable species, there is growing concern about the loss of biodiversity. Each year, species go extinct, and the rate of loss has been increasing. Scientists in Australia, however, have reason to celebrate as they have confirmed that a species that was once thought to be extinct is in fact still living.

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