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Editorial Snapshot: Social media as a tool for scientists

– A.P., Editor

The extraordinary way in which social media lets people communicate and interact with one another can be an informative and rewarding tool for scientists to engage in science communication with peers and the general public. An estimated 2.5 billion people were using social media in 2017, and this number is expected to top 3 billion by 2021.

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Science News: Through the eyes of giants: Could Google solve the fake science problem?

– K.R., Editor

Although tech giants still enjoy a favorable reputation among the general public, exposure to recent scandals, chiefly surrounding the promotion of fake news, means that companies like Google and Facebook are now facing tremendous scrutiny from governments and lawmakers. Could increased standards of corporate responsibility at these companies help combat the threat posed by fake science and perhaps even lead to industry-wide changes in academic publishing?

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Editorial Snapshot: Avoiding potential delays in peer review and publication (Part 3)

– A.P., Editor

One of the easiest ways to prevent delays in peer review or publication of your article is to include the required sections and statements in your manuscript at the time of submission. These requirements can usually be found in your target publication’s Instructions to Authors on preparing a manuscript.

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Science News: A bright future for allergy treatment

– G.A., Senior Editor

At this time of year, sufferers of seasonal allergies take precautions to limit their exposure to airborne pollen and dust. Those who are not able to avoid coming in contact with pollen are left to battle symptoms that can include a runny nose and burning eyes. When symptoms are at their worst, many sufferers wonder whether scientists will ever find a way to prevent the aggravating effects of seasonal allergies.

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