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Science News: Celebrating World Bicycle Day

– G.A., Senior Editor

At a time when rapid technological change is moving us closer to self-driving cars and the possibility of human exploration of Mars, it is easy to overlook the simpler forms of technology that can have a major impact on our world. In celebration of one of the humblest and most popular forms of transportation on the planet, the United Nations recognizes June 3rd as World Bicycle Day.

Once seemingly destined to the scrap heap of history, the bicycle has remained an important form of both recreation and transportation in every corner of our world. Even in car-packed cities, where bicycles were thought to have been most at risk of eradication, they have remained resilient. Once considered a nuisance or even a danger to people behind the wheel of automobiles, bicycles are now one of the first things property developers and city planners think of when considering options for urban environments.

Given the urgent need to reduce the volume of carbon that is released into our atmosphere each day, the simple bicycle is rapidly becoming an essential mode of transportation in urban areas around the globe. Thanks to the establishment of car-free zones in cities and even free bicycle-share programs, the bicycle is providing environmental benefits while improving the health of users.

On June 3rd, take a moment to think about how our perception of the bicycle has changed from a utilitarian tool to a symbol of a sustainable future.

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