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Science News: New research suggests all infectious diseases may have seasonality

– A.S., Editor

The seasonality of many infectious diseases is well recognized. Influenza occurs at the highest rates during winter in temperate climates, and dengue fever occurs during the rainy season in tropical climates.

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Editorial Snapshot: Scientists brace for Brexit

– G.A., Senior Editor

Following the results of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum in 2016, the United Kingdom has been on a slow and unclear path to exit from the European Union. Given the long history and close ties between the United Kingdom and the other member countries of the European Union, it is not surprising that a clear path forward has yet to be decided. To ensure a smooth exit, concerns about immigration, trade, and defense must be addressed. However, scientists are also raising the alarm about the impact of Brexit on research in the United Kingdom.

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Science News: Preserving images of endangered species

– G.A., Senior Editor

Beginning in 2005, a National Geographic photographer began a project that aimed to preserve earth’s biodiversity in images. Joel Sartore founded the Photo Ark project with the aim of documenting animal species before they disappear.

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