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Editorial Snapshot: New perspectives on diversifying research impact assessment

- A.P., Editor

As the landscape of academic research continues to evolve, so too does the conversation surrounding how we measure its impact. While traditional citation metrics have long been the standard for assessing the reach and influence of scholarly work, there is a growing recognition of the limitations of relying solely on these metrics. A more mature discussion on assessing research impact is likely to emerge, one that takes into account a broader range of factors and metrics.

One notable trend on the horizon is the increasing adoption of open-access databases such as Lens and OpenAlex. These platforms offer a wealth of freely accessible data and tools for researchers, making it easier to track and analyze the impact of their work. By providing comprehensive coverage of scholarly outputs across disciplines and regions, open-access databases have the potential to democratize the process of measuring research impact.

Moreover, open-access databases may complement or even offer alternatives to commercial platforms like Scopus and Web of Science. While these commercial databases remain valuable resources for researchers, they often come with subscription fees and access restrictions that limit their accessibility. In contrast, open-access databases provide unrestricted access to their data, making them more inclusive and equitable tools for assessing research impact.

As researchers and institutions increasingly recognize the importance of transparency, accessibility, and diversity in research evaluation, the shift towards open-access databases is likely to gain momentum. By embracing these platforms and engaging in a more nuanced discussion around research impact, the academic community can move towards a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to evaluating scholarly work.

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