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Editorial Snapshot: The Race Begins: AI Adoption in Academic Publishing

- C.C., Editor

We are barely into the new year and there is no end in sight to the wave of AI news. Over the course of the past few months Elsevier and Springer Nature both have made recent and groundbreaking announcements about the acquisition and launch of AI services, respectively.

It is reported that in October, Springer Nature acquired the science division of the Dutch company, Slimmer AI. The hope is to leverage this partnership for the creation of AI tools allowing for the identification of appropriate editors and signs of plagiarism, among other projected use-cases.

More recently, on January 16, 2024, leading publisher Elsevier announced the launch of Scopus AI, which is a generative AI product based on Scopus’ independently vetted and trusted corpus of content, slated to help researchers and institutions rapidly obtain insights and summaries. Its features are planned to help researchers by generating enhanced summaries of scientific literature, finding influential papers in target areas, and identifying experts in fields of interest.

Such tools could significantly enhance researchers’ ability to produce meaningful outputs, and increase the speed and efficiency of their work. These developments are exciting and are poised, along with future initiatives we can only imagine, to shake up the dusty foundations of the halls of academic publishing.

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