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Editorial Snapshot: US scientists brace for possible budget cuts

– G.A., Senior Editor

While the transition of power in Washington, D.C., has sparked controversy and public protests, concerns are now being raised by academics and researchers that the upcoming 2018 United States Federal Budget will significantly cut government support for science research.

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Editorial Snapshot: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reaches open access agreement with Science

– G.A., Senior Editor

Founded in 2000, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is leading the way in venture philanthropy. Supported by a massive endowment, the foundation is involved in the fight against serious global issues ranging from the eradication of communicable diseases to improving nutrition in the world’s poorest countries.

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Science News: Helping nature adapt to climate change

– G.A., Senior Editor

While some people claim climate change is a myth and others debate the direct influence that humans have on climate change, scientists around the world are actively studying how our climate is changing and how these changes are affecting life as we know it. In Canada, one research project is analyzing various tree species to determine which traits within these species will make them best suited for the future climate of various regions in Canada.

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