Thesis Editing


Let FORTE’s experienced thesis editors help you proofread and polish your manuscript before submitting your thesis. Many of our expert proofreaders and editors have written and submitted their own theses, and they are now experts in your field. You can be confident with FORTE’s professional thesis editing and proofreading services that your manuscript will be perfectly polished and ready for submission.

  • Your thesis will receive a free proof check before submission so you can make last-minute changes to the text.
  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your manuscript before submission.
  • If figures, tables, and references do not require editing, they can be excluded from the price calculation.

*If FORTE’s proofreaders feel your manuscript requires more extensive editing, our specialist editors might recommend that return your thesis for a second (charged) roof check before submission.

FORTE Support

FORTE provides TOTAL SUPPORT by handling your job from start to finish.