Revised Paper Editing


When the journal reviewers have criticized your manuscript and asked you to make revisions, FORTE can help by rewriting or translating any new text you have added to the manuscript. We will ensure that the style and terminology of the newly added material is consistent with the rest of the manuscript, and that logical flow is maintained.

In addition, FORTE can rewrite or translate your "response to the reviewers". This letter, which explains to the reviewers the revisions you have made in response to each reviewer comment, is usually submitted to the journal editor together with your revised paper. We can also help to draft an appropriately worded rebuttal letter in the event that you disagree with the reviewers' comments.

Our specialist rewriters can also confirm that you have adequately addressed the reviewers' comments and advise whether certain comments require additional clarification before resubmission.

  • If your paper was rewritten by FORTE, you can request the same rewriter and thus ensure consistency of style
  • If your paper was not rewritten by FORTE, we can rewrite the entire paper to improve the logical flow and ensure consistency of style
  • Our specialist rewriters will determine whether you've adequately addressed the reviewers' comments (see: Checking Reviewers' Comments)
  • When combined with FORTE's Instructions to Authors service, simplifies the task of preparing a previously rejected paper for submission to a different target journal
  • If your revised paper was not previously rewritten by FORTE, we can help increase the chances for acceptance by rewriting or proof-checking the entire paper, as necessary, to clarify vague expressions, improve logical flow and ensure consistency of style.

FORTE Support

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