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Science News: The chance to live on Mars- Would you volunteer?

– K.J., Editor

Mars, also known as the “Red Planet” is 4th planet from the Sun. Even though its climate cannot support human life, Mars has been of special interest to scientists as a possible planet for human colonization and industrialization, the research and know-how required to make this reality is still lacking.

But let’s imagine that the year is 3023. The earth is no longer able to sustain human life. Scientists have successfully performed the necessary terraforming to the surface of Mars that makes it livable, including the creation of a pressurized, oxygenated and temperature-regulated atmosphere, and the establishment of a water cycle, and then begin to look for volunteers to be the first colonizers of Mars. Would you volunteer?.

However, your likelihood of acceptance might depend on your personality. According to the 2023 study by Arguello et al. of the Department of Computational Sciences at George Mason University, uploaded as a non-peer reviewed article on the arXiv database, the minimum number of individuals required to successfully run a colony on Mars is 22, and most would have to possess an agreeable (easy-going) or sociable (extroverted) personality type. If you have a reactive (impulsive) or neurotic (anxious) personality, then you might have to reconsider volunteering. Do bear in mind, though, that this study had many limitations and has been met with some criticism. But, it is interesting to consider the possibility. If it was 3023, and you did have the chance to live on Mars, would you volunteer?

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