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Science News: Growing awareness of a gap in funding for climate research

– G.A., Senior Editor

Growing awareness of the tremendous threat climate change poses to not only humans, but also countless other species on our planet, has resulted in an increasing volume of research funds being channeled to climate-related research. From renewable energy sources to strengthening the resilience of staple crops, humans are investigating new and exciting ways to adapt to a hotter planet.

Unfortunately, research from a team headed by the member of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change in Berlin recently published in the journal Nature Climate Change points out a disparity in the focus of research published on the impacts of climate change around our world.

Specifically, the authors found that more studies have been published on the impact of climate change in developed countries than on the impact in developing countries. This disparity is particularly worrying when considering the large populations that reside in these underrepresented regions of the world. Worryingly, this suggests that vulnerable ecosystems could be overlooked due to a lack of essential research.

The growing climate crisis has reminded humans that regardless of where we reside on Earth, we all share the same environment. Growth and change in one region has an impact on the entire planet. Therefore, it is essential that research into the effects of climate change and efforts to mitigate any harm cover all regions of the world and include collaboration by researchers that represent all countries, regardless of wealth.

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