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Editorial Snapshot: Perspectives on data sharing in Japan

- A.P., Editor

Japan is striving to be a global leader in scientific research and development (R&D), and currently ranks among the top five countries in terms of spending on R&D and research output. One of the aspects to strengthening research efforts is data sharing, which can promote synergy and collaboration and improve decision-making. But what do researchers in Japan have to say about data sharing?

A recent white paper published by Springer Nature offers a unique perspective on open science in Japan, and outlines not only the challenges but also the opportunities for data sharing in the country. A vast majority (95%) of the researchers surveyed responded that they shared their data in some way, primarily to advance the research in their field or for data transparency and re-use. However, the survey revealed that researchers more commonly share their data privately via email or USB among peers or colleagues at their institution, which can impact both preservation and protection of the shared data.

One of the main concerns regarding data sharing was the misuse of data. Finding ways to alleviate this concern may help more researchers share their data publically, particularly in specific data repositories that make the data more accessible.

As the discussion continues on data sharing both in Japan and globally, it will be important to gain different perspectives from all those involved, from the early career researchers to academic publishers, for sustainable solutions. Insight from those involved in projects such as the Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases will also be vital.

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